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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

National Wanna Play Music Week!

The first week of May is when we celebrate National Wanna Play Music Week!

And if you've always wished you could play a musical instrument but for whatever reason haven't done it yet -- this is your chance!

Or maybe you used to play, but life got moving too fast and you just stopped doing it. Well, it's never too late to get back into music and enjoy its many benefits.

First of all, months before the actual week hits, NAMM encourages anyone who has always wanted to play an instrument but hasn't tried yet to take the Pledge to Play.” This Facebook promotion will encourage potential musicians to sign up, be counted and take that next step toward the many proven benefits of playing music. When you're done, please post the link to the pledge on your facebook page and encourage your friends to get started too!

Beginning on May 7, 2012, here are a few of the ways you can participate in the fun of National Wanna Play Music Week.

Music Monday, May 7 - Register to participate in Music Monday, to demonstrate the importance of music education programs throughout North America and your commitment to experiencing the proven benefits that music making can bring to your life. The event kicks off National Wanna Play Music Week, and encourages everyone across North America to play music with others at the same time, or pick up an instrument of your choice and jam at any time on that day.

Tuesday, May 8
Tuesday, NAMM will pay homage to the new and innovative music making technology that is being used today, conduct media outreach efforts and feature specific products that could be help people break through their misperceptions about not being musical. Try out a new music-making app or video game and see how fun it is when music making melds with the tech world!

Wednesday, May 9You’d be surprised by how many celebrities (including actors, authors, sports figures and politicians) also play instruments! NAMM will be issuing a public poll to see who people’s favorite high-profile “Unexpected Musician” is and will promote the outcome on while encouraging people to try out the Music Store locator and Music Lesson locator tools on the site to find music stores and lessons near them.

Thursday, May 10Social media has proven to be an effective marketing and promotional tool and this year, NAMM is continuing to host its “Pledge to Play” initiative on Facebook as a way for people to commit to playing an instrument. Take the "Pledge to Play" yourself and encourage your Facebook friends to take the pledge by posting your support of this effort along with this link to the “Pledge to Play”:!/wannaplaybynamm?sk=app_290745734296638.

Friday, May 11-13 — This entire weekend is dedicated to the music retail store and will highlight the benefits of people visiting their local music store for all of their musical needs.

We expect an exciting week of media coverage, special events, promotions and reminders of why playing music is a great thing to do regardless of age or skill level. And more importantly, we will give non-players (who have all kinds of stories and excuses about why they don’t play) new reasons to pick up an instrument and make 2012 the year when they actually did it. And when you have begun playing, come back to this site and click on the "Share Your Story" tab so you can inspire more people to take that next step to playing an instrument.

So mark your calendar and this May you can join the millions of people who are playing music. It doesn't matter if you're great at it and it's a pastime that will give back to you for the rest of your life!




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